What are the 4 types of aesthetics? Discover your favorite now!

The aesthetic world has expanded and evolved over the years, giving rise to various new types and subtypes of aesthetics. One of the most notable classifications includes the four types of aesthetics, namely soft girl, grunge, academia, and streetwear. Each of these categories has its distinctive features and characteristics that set it apart from the others. Here are some of the distinct features of the four types of aesthetics:
  • Soft girl: This aesthetic centers around pastel colors, cute and playful outfits, accessories like hair clips, and girly clothing styles.
  • Grunge: This aesthetic is characterized by dark and moody colors, distressed clothing items, layering, and edgy accessories such as studded belts and chokers.
  • Academia: This aesthetic revolves around a more refined and sophisticated look. It involves muted or neutral colors, traditional clothing like blazers and oxfords, and intellectual accessories like reading glasses and leather-bound notebooks.
  • Streetwear: This aesthetic takes its inspiration from urban street culture and involves a mix of sporty and casual clothing. Think baggy hoodies, sneakers, and bold print t-shirts.
  • In conclusion, there are many different types of aesthetics out there, but soft girl, grunge, academia, and streetwear are four of the most well-known. Each aesthetic offers a unique vibe and style, making it easy for everyone to find one that resonates with them.
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    The 4 types of aesthetics

    In the world of fashion and style, it is not uncommon to hear people talk about different aesthetics. An aesthetic refers to a particular style or look that a person chooses to adopt. There are countless aesthetics out there, but four of the most popular ones are the soft girl, grunge, academia, and streetwear aesthetics. Each of these aesthetics has its unique characteristics, which makes it easy to differentiate between them.

    Soft girl aesthetic

    The soft girl aesthetic is all about creating a look that is cute, sweet, and innocent. If you are trying to pull off the soft girl aesthetic, you should focus on pastel colors, which are light and airy. Soft girl fashion is often characterized by oversized, baggy clothing, such as oversized t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies. The soft girl makeup style is also characterized by a minimalistic approach. The aim is to look naturally pretty, with soft, rosy cheeks and glossy lips. Key points of the soft girl aesthetic:
    • Pastel colors
    • Oversized, baggy clothing
    • Minimalistic makeup

    Grunge aesthetic

    The grunge aesthetic is all about a dark, edgy look that oozes attitude. Think of the grunge look as an evolution of the punk and goth subcultures. Grunge fashion is characterized by ripped jeans, leather jackets, and band t-shirts. The colors are usually darker tones, such as black, gray, and navy. The grunge makeup style is usually dark and heavy, with smoky eyes and dark lipstick. Key points of the grunge aesthetic:
    • Ripped jeans
    • Leather jackets
    • Band t-shirts
    • Dark makeup
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    Dark academia aesthetic

    The dark academia aesthetic is inspired by old-world universities and scholarly pursuits. It is a mix of classic, vintage fashion with a gothic twist. Dark academia fashion is all about tweed blazers, corduroy pants, and knit sweaters. The colors are usually muted tones, such as brown, gray, and maroon. Dark academia makeup is often minimalist, with a focus on natural-looking skin and bold brows. Key points of the dark academia aesthetic:
    • Tweed blazers
    • Corduroy pants
    • Knit sweaters
    • Muted colors

    Streetwear aesthetic

    The streetwear aesthetic is inspired by urban fashion and hip-hop culture. It is all about creating a look that is bold, colorful, and expressive. Streetwear fashion is characterized by oversized tees, hoodies, and sweatpants. The colors are usually bright and vibrant, such as red, yellow, and green. Streetwear makeup is often bold, with bright eyeshadows and glossy lips. Key points of the streetwear aesthetic:
    • Oversized tees
    • Hoodies and sweatpants
    • Bright and vibrant colors
    • Bold makeup

    Adorable aesthetic of soft girl

    The soft girl aesthetic is undoubtedly the most adorable of the four aesthetics. It is all about creating a look that is cute and sweet, with an emphasis on feminine elements. Soft girl fashion is all about oversized clothing, pastel colors, and cute accessories. The soft girl makeup style is often minimalist, with a focus on looking naturally pretty.

    Dark aesthetics of academia and grunge

    On the other end of the spectrum from the soft girl aesthetic are the dark aesthetics of academia and grunge. Both of these aesthetics have a more edgy and rebellious look, with a focus on dark colors, ripped clothing, and heavy makeup. The dark academia aesthetic is all about vintage fashion with a gothic twist, while the grunge aesthetic is all about a dark, edgy look that exudes attitude.
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    In conclusion, the world of aesthetics is vast and exciting. The soft girl, grunge, academia, and streetwear aesthetics are just a few examples of the countless aesthetics out there. Each aesthetic has its own unique characteristics and style, which makes it easy for people to express their individuality and creativity through fashion and style.

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