What Are the Trending Farmhouse Colors for 2023?

If you’re looking for farmhouse colors for 2023, there are several popular options to consider. The following colors have been identified as trending options for farmhouse style decor:
  • Sherwin Williams Alabaster
  • Sherwin Williams City Loft
  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
  • Benjamin Moore Pale Oak
  • Sherwin Williams Sea Salt
  • Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
  • Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black
  • Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a versatile white color that can brighten up any room while still being warm and inviting. City Loft is a light, neutral grey that pairs well with other natural shades. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is a warm grey that can add a touch of elegance to any space. Pale Oak is a soft, subtle beige that works great in spaces with natural light. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a popular light blue-green color that adds a calming and serene feel to any room. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a rich, deep blue that adds a bold contrast to whites and light colors. Lastly, Tricorn Black is a classic and versatile black that can make a statement on doors, cabinetry, or accent walls. Overall, these colors can help achieve the popular farmhouse style while also providing timeless elegance and charm.
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    The colors that are chosen for your home will have a profound impact on the look and feel of your space. Farmhouse style colors have been a popular trend for several years now, and they show no signs of losing their popularity anytime soon. In fact, the farmhouse colors for 2023 are predicted to embrace classic neutrals with twists of bold colors to add visual interest to a room.

    The Classic: Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a timeless color that sits in the warm neutral family. Its subtle undertones of yellow, orange, and gray make it an excellent choice for walls, trim, and cabinets. Alabaster is a versatile color that can complement both warm and cool color schemes, depending on the accents and textures used in the room. It is a great color for achieving a soft and warm look without compromising on elegance.

    The Urban Neutral: Sherwin Williams City Loft

    Sherwin Williams City Loft is a sophisticated, medium-toned gray that is perfect for creating an urban farmhouse look. This particular color adds depth and charm to any room, and its blend of gray and brown undertones makes it an excellent backdrop for both warm and cooler accent colors. City Loft is a go-to color for modern farmhouse enthusiasts who want a timeless look while staying minimalistic.

    The Timeless Favorite: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

    Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is a color that is beloved by homeowners and designers alike. This warm gray is a favorite for a good reason; its soft undertones bring a sense of serenity to a room. Revere Pewter is a midtone gray that beautifully blends with beige and taupe hues. It is an effortless farmhouse style color that offers a sense of serenity to any space, making it the perfect option to use as a backdrop.
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    The Soft and Subtle: Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

    Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is a soft and subtle neutral that is very popular in farmhouse-style homes. Its undertones of gray and a slight tint of beige provide a stunning backdrop for other colors. Pale Oak pairs beautifully with darker earthy tones and is a great alternative to plain white walls. If you’re looking for a soft and subtle farmhouse tone, Pale Oak is one of the best options you can choose.

    The Coastal Hue: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

    Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a green shade that evokes the calming essence of the sea. It is a great color to use in coastal-inspired farmhouse design. The hue also complements natural materials like wood and woven textiles, creating the perfect balance between coastal and farmhouse aesthetics. If you’re looking to add touches of serenity with color, Sea Salt is an excellent choice.

    The Bold and Daring: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

    Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a deep and daring hue. It’s an excellent way to add some depth to your space without sacrificing the warmth of farmhouse style. This bold and beautiful color works wonders on an accent wall or kitchen island or cabinetry, creating a striking visual impact. As a rule of thumb, Hale Navy pairs well with warm, light and natural shades, such as warm wood tones, ivory or beige.

    The Statement Color: Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

    Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is a bold and striking color that sets itself apart from the rest. This deep black hue can be used as a statement color on an accent wall or in small doses as some accessories. This deep color adds a bold elegance to a farmhouse-style home, and it is an excellent way to create a modern contrast. When using Tricorn Black, balance it with other warm tones to keep balance and harmony.
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    In conclusion, farmhouse colors in 2023 will embrace bold, classic, neutral, and coastal shades. Sherwin Williams Alabaster, City Loft, and Sea Salt, along with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, Pale Oak, Hale Navy, and Tricorn Black, are the ultimate go-to colors for farmhouse-style homes. These hues beautifully embrace the warm, natural materials while providing a unique sense of style and elegance to your space. Remember to contrast these bold statement colors with warm, neutral colors like beige and ivory to create a balance.

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