Should You Prioritize Painting or Landscaping Your Home’s Exterior?

When it comes to improving your home’s exterior, deciding whether to tackle painting or landscaping first can be a tough decision. However, it is generally recommended that you complete the exterior painting project first before starting any landscaping work. Here’s why:
  • Painting before landscaping prevents your plants from being trampled on.
  • Exterior painting can leave stains and smudges on plants.
  • It is easier for paint to be applied to a clean surface, meaning landscaping materials (like dirt and mulch) won’t interfere with proper paint application.
  • Painting first can also help you pick out the best landscaping colors to match your home’s new exterior color scheme.
  • So, if you’re considering both painting and landscaping projects for your home’s exterior, make sure to prioritize your painting project first to ensure a successful outcome.

    The Advantages of Planning Ahead

    Painting your house or landscaping your yard are both significant investments that can add value and curb appeal to your home. However, deciding which to do first can be a challenge. It is important to plan ahead to ensure that your projects run smoothly and you achieve the desired result. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your landscaping and painting projects complement each other, and not compete against each other.
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    The Importance of Protecting Your Landscaping

    If you have already invested in landscaping around your home, it is important to protect it during the exterior painting process. Painting around your landscaping can be difficult and often leads to damage to plants and flowers. In addition, painters need space to work, and may inadvertently damage or trample plants in the process. For this reason, it is recommended to complete the exterior painting project before starting any landscaping projects. Using html formatted bullet points:
    • Protecting your existing landscaping saves time and money in the long run
    • By painting first, you can ensure your plants and flowers are not damaged during the process
    • You can plan your landscaping around the new color of your home to create a cohesive overall look

    Save Money on Repairs with Proper Planning

    Proper planning can ensure that you save money on unnecessary repairs that may be needed as a result of not properly coordinating your landscaping and painting projects. For example, planting new flowers before painting can result in damage to your new investment, which may require costly repairs or replacement. By planning ahead and choosing the order of your projects, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that both projects complement each other.

    Potential Damage during Exterior Painting

    Exterior painting can have a significant impact on the surrounding area of your home. The painting process can involve using ladders, power washers, and other equipment that can be disruptive to your landscaping. This equipment can easily damage or trample plants, leaving your yard looking less than attractive. In addition, even if careful preparation is done, paint drips can still occur, leading to unwanted paint spots on your garden beds or lawn.
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    Timing is Everything

    Determining the right time to start your landscaping and exterior painting projects is essential. The best time to paint your home’s exterior is during a mild and dry season. The optimal time for completing landscaping projects is during the spring or fall; before or after the peak growth seasons of summer. Timing your projects correctly will ensure that both projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standard possible.

    Tips for Timing Your Projects Correctly

    Tip 1: Schedule your exterior painting project prior to the peak growth seasons in your area, to ensure your landscaping is not affected by the painting process. Tip 2: Plan ahead by researching landscapers and painters in your area before committing to a project timeline. Tip 3: Consider the climate in your area and the timing of your projects to ensure optimal results. Tip 4: Consult with experts in both painting and landscaping to ensure that you receive the best advice and guidance on which project to start with. In conclusion, when deciding whether to paint or landscape your home first, it is recommended to start with the exterior painting project. This ensures that you can protect your landscaping investment, avoid unnecessary damage and repairs, and create an overall cohesive design that complements both projects. Proper planning and timing is essential to achieve the best possible outcome for both projects, so take time to research and consult with experts to ensure you make the right decision.

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