Is Farmhouse Style Going Out in 2023? Uncovering the Latest Trends.

It’s a common debate among interior design enthusiasts whether farmhouse style is here to stay or will fade away soon. However, according to the latest trends, we can confidently say that farmhouse style is evolving and merging with other popular styles to create an updated look. Here are some design elements to expect in the latest iteration of farmhouse style:
  • Contemporary European inspiration will bring in clean lines and neutral color schemes that contrast with farmhouse-style natural materials like aged wood and stone.
  • Belgian farmhouse influence will add a touch of luxury with soft, velvety textures and muted earthy tones that complement rustic mixes of metals and woods.
  • Coastal styles will incorporate bright, airy spaces with plenty of light and open floor plans. This style will combine fresh, oceanic colors and textures with natural wood finishes and woven textures that represent the casual, vintage vibe.
  • Scandinavian influence will lighten up farmhouse style by introducing pale, light, and airy materials with minimalistic design elements. Clean lines, neutral color schemes, and functional furniture will find their way into the 2023 farmhouse look. All of these styles, combined with the traditional farmhouse elements of shiplap walls, distressed wood, and industrial accents, will create an updated and eclectic look while keeping the warm, cozy feel of the classic farmhouse style. Rather than going out of style, farmhouses are adapting, and we can’t wait to see the new twists that will emerge in 2023.
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    The Evolution of Farmhouse Style

    Farmhouse style has been a popular trend in home décor for quite some time. However, like any trend, it eventually undergoes an evolution. While modern farmhouse still has its charm, we will see a shift towards a more sophisticated and elevated look by 2023. The new generation farmhouse style is more upscale, combining elements from various aesthetics to create a unique and refreshing look.

    European Farmhouse Influence on Farmhouse Style

    European farmhouse design has always been a popular choice among interior designers. The rustic charm, classic details, and natural elements of European farmhouses make it a perfect inspiration for those looking to revamp their farmhouse décor. By incorporating elements like reclaimed wood, vintage pieces, and soft furnishings with natural fabrics, you can add a European flair to your farmhouse décor. Introduce an oversized statement piece like a classic gingham check pattern sofa that will make a big impact.Set them off with brightly patterned pillows to evoke the feel on a French countryside garden. Bullet Points: – Vintage furniture and fabrics bring a European farmhouse feel – Natural elements like reclaimed wood, stone, and wrought iron add rustic charm – Soft furnishings like linen, cotton, and wool create a cozy and inviting ambiance – Classic patterns such as gingham, paisley, and toile bring in the European inspiration – Statement pieces like oversized sofas or chandeliers make a big impact

    Developing a Contemporary Farmhouse Look

    For many lovers of farmhouse style, the idea of incorporating a contemporary look might seem intimidating. However, with careful planning, it’s possible to add modern touches to your farmhouse décor without detracting from the traditional look. You can achieve the contemporary farmhouse vibe by incorporating bold colors, metallic finishes, geometric patterns, and modern furnishings. The perfect balance of traditional and modern elements will create a unique, sophisticated look in your space.
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    Bullet Points: – Bold colors like navy, emerald green, and deep gray add a modern touch – Minimalistic decor and clean lines give an uncluttered look – Rough-hewn wood pieces mixed with sleek iron and chrome create an unmatched style – Geometric patterns and bold graphics contrasted with organic elements for a fresh-modern appeal – Modern furnishings with natural materials, such as wood, are simple and understated

    Coastal Farmhouse Elements for Your Home

    One of the exciting directions farmhouse décor is heading toward in 2023 is the incorporation of coastal elements. Coastal farmhouse style is all about merging natural elements like seashells, driftwood, and wicker with vintage and rustic pieces. Coastal décor combines soft colors with classic farmhouse themes of simple furniture and clean lines. The idea is to create a serene and relaxed beach-inspired ambiance in your home. Bullet Points: – Soothing color schemes of white, beige, and blue set a calm tone – Wicker baskets and driftwood bring in natural coastal elements – Soft furnishings like linen and cotton add a cozy touch to the space – Incorporate beach-inspired pieces, such as seashells and coral – Repurposed wooden pieces can be used to add charm to coastal farmhouse style

    The Timelessness of Scandinavian Style

    Scandinavian design has been around for a while, and this effortless style continues to evolve and gain popularity. It draws inspiration from the simplicity of farmhouse design but emphasizes minimalism and practicality. Scandinavian-style furniture often features clean lines and light-colored wood, giving a minimalist feel to the home. Scandi farmhouse style is perfect for those who want a simple and unfussy look that is still sophisticated and charming. Bullet Points: – Neutral color palettes with minimal pops of vibrant colors – Minimalist décor elements like clean lines and simple shapes – Natural materials such as wood, wool, and leather for a warm, inviting ambiance – Warm textiles and graphic patterns to bring in visual interest – Mid-century furniture elements for a modern farm-style look is the perfect complement to the Scandinavian style
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    Combining Farmhouse Styles for a Unique Look

    Combining different farm styles creates a unique and eclectic feel in your space. It’s all about breaking rules, mixing and matching pieces that tell your story. A blend of styles that complement different parts of the room will bring a sense of cohesiveness and complete the farmhouse look. You can mix modern, shabby chic, coastal, European, and Scandi styles in your farmhouse décor. Combine them carefully, and you can achieve a one-of-a-kind look that inspires you. Bullet Points: – Use a mix of old and new furniture and decorative elements – Choose items that complement each other in terms of scale and texture – Layer in various patterns to add depth and to keep the space from feeling flat – Introduce pops of color throughout the room to create interest. – Add natural elements such as wood, stone, and plants for a cohesive look.


    In conclusion, farmhouse style is not going out of style; rather, it is evolving. By 2023, we will see a shift towards a more sophisticated and elevated look that draws inspiration from the European, coastal, Scandinavian, and modern styles. Whether you prefer a beachy, cozy, or chic farmhouse look, you can create a unique and inspiring environment by following the steps outlined in this article. Remember, it’s all about mixing and matching different elements to create a farm-style look that you love.

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