Is Country Decorating Out of Style? Exploring Modern Rustic Trends.

The question of whether country decorating is out of style might arise in the minds of those who love this decor theme. However, the fact is that the farmhouse style is still going strong and continues to be a hugely popular style of decorating in 2022. In fact, it was among the top searched for decor designs this year. Design expert Krason states that homeowners who incorporate classic farmhouse elements into their homes will never have to worry about their decor being out of style anytime soon. Here are some classic farmhouse style decor elements that will never go out of style:
  • Rustic wooden elements – exposed ceiling beams, wooden floors, and furniture are classic farmhouse elements that add warmth and character to any space.
  • Neutral color palette – whites, creams, and muted tones are popular farmhouse colors that create a welcoming and calming environment in any room.
  • Crisp, clean lines – simple, elegant lines of furniture and decor items create a timeless feel.
  • Vintage elements – antique accents like weathered signs, old plates, and vintage textiles enhance the farm-style feel, giving it that classic touch.
  • Natural textures – burlap, jute, hemp, and linen fabrics are ideal to add a touch of texture and warmth to your space.
  • In conclusion, country decorating is not out of style. Quite the opposite, the farmhouse style remains one of the most popular decorating trends in 2022. By incorporating classic elements, you can create a timeless look that will never go out of style. So, don’t be afraid to embrace the charm of the countryside and create a cozy retreat inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the farm life.

    Is Country Decorating Out of Style?

    The decorating world is constantly changing, and what was in style yesterday could become outdated tomorrow. So, it’s natural to wonder if the current popularity of country or farmhouse decorating is just a passing fad or here to stay. If you’re considering decorating your home with a rustic, country aesthetic, you may be asking yourself, Is country decorating out of style? Here, we’ll take a closer look at the timeless appeal of farmhouse style and why it remains popular today.
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    The Timelessness of Farmhouse Style

    Farmhouse style has been around for centuries and has consistently remained popular despite fluctuations in interior design trends. This style of decorating incorporates elements of simple living, traditional craftsmanship, and organic materials to create a warm and welcoming home environment. One reason that farmhouse style has remained popular is that it is a timeless aesthetic that transcends seasonal trends. Classic farmhouse elements, such as distressed wood, vintage fabrics, and rustic accessories, are inherently charming and cozy and appeal to homeowners who want a warm and inviting space that never goes out of style. Key Point: The rustic charm of farmhouse style does not follow fleeting trends, making it a timeless decorating style.

    The Popularity of Country Decor in 2022

    Despite the constant evolution of design trends, farmhouse style remains a hugely popular style today. According to a recent report, it was among the top searched for decor designs in the year 2022. The appeal of this style transcends age groups and geography, as well as home size and architectural style. I think people are drawn to the simplicity and warmth of farmhouse style, says interior designer Emily Krason. It feels approachable and cozy, which is especially important these days when everyone is spending more time at home. Key Point: Farmhouse style is currently widely sought after as a design trend and appeals to a variety of individuals and home styles.

    Why Classic Farmhouse Elements Endure

    The classic farmhouse elements, such as shiplap walls, barn doors, and exposed beams, are enduring design staples. These elements create a comfortable and inviting ambiance that is timeless, welcoming, and cozy. Whether you incorporate these elements in a modern way or stick to a more traditional approach, they remain a dependable foundation for a home that can adapt to any decoration style. Another reason these elements endure is that they can be interpreted in many ways, from the rustic and rural feel of a farmhouse to the more contemporary feel of a loft space. The timeless appeal of these features is a result of their versatility, they can be easily mixed into different interior styles and add a touch of warmth and personality to your home.
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    Key Point: The adaptability and versatility of classic farmhouse elements keep them relevant and in style.

    Farmhouse Style vs. Contemporary Design

    While farmhouse style may be considered timeless, it is important to note that it might not be everyone’s preferred design aesthetic. Contemporary design typically features a sleek and minimalist look, whereas farmhouse design incorporates elements such as wooden furniture, rustic accessories, and vintage textiles. If you decide to incorporate farmhouse style in your home, make sure that it is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. You can blend farmhouse elements with contemporary decor to create a transitional design, or you could focus on using rustic elements exclusively and creating a rustic-inspired home. Key Point: Farmhouse style may not be for everyone, but its versatility allows it to be easily incorporated into different styles of home decor.

    Incorporating Farmhouse Design Elements into Your Home

    If you want to add a touch of farmhouse style to your home, there are various ways of doing so. Here are some ways you can incorporate farmhouse design elements into your home:
    • Use reclaimed wood for furniture and decor.
    • Display vintage or antique items, like crockery or chairs.
    • Install barn doors, or add a shiplap wall.
    • Invest in farmhouse light fixtures like lanterns or chandeliers.
    • Use natural materials like jute, wool, or cotton for your textiles.
    Remember to not overdo the country decor, as it can look cluttered and overwhelming. Focus on accentuating farmhouse elements using a neutral palette, textures, and natural elements to create a cozy yet chic atmosphere. Key Point: Incorporating farmhouse design elements into your home decor can be done by using reclaimed wood, vintage items, and natural materials, but it’s important to not overdo the architecture.

    How to Avoid Overdoing Country Decor

    A common mistake when incorporating farmhouse style is overdoing the decor. While incorporating rustic, country elements like burlap and plaid might be tempting, they don’t always complement each other. To avoid overdoing country decor, you need to strike a balance between minimalism and warmth, which is achievable through the following tips:
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    • Use a neutral palette with pops of colour
    • Incorporate plenty of textures
    • Use natural elements like wood and stone
    • Choose furniture carefully for overall cohesion
    It is also essential to remember that space is key. Overcrowding your space with multiple farmhouse elements will not only look cluttered but can also make the space feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. You should also blend rustic elements with modern furniture to create a cohesive space that blends two ideas. Key Point: A neutral palette, textures, and natural elements need to be thoughtfully balanced to create a farmhouse-inspired interior without going overboard.

    The Benefits of Embracing a Rustic Aesthetic

    The final point to note is that embracing a rustic aesthetic has many benefits for both your lifestyle and the environment. The sturdy and durable furniture, natural and healthy fabrics, and repurposed materials used and inspired by farmhouse style can be an excellent way of incorporating sustainable design into your home. Additionally, the country aesthetic can create a sense of comfort and peace, which many homeowners might need. It makes the space feel warm and welcoming rather than overly polished or formal. Key Point: There are genuine benefits to incorporating rustic farmhouse elements into your home, such as sustainability, and a warm and welcoming ambiance that can benefit your lifestyle greatly.


    In conclusion, it’s clear that farmhouses’ popularity is not just a passing fad, but instead a design style that has remained relevant for centuries. The charm and coziness of this style are timeless and have proven irresistible to many homeowners worldwide. By following the tips discussed above, such as avoiding going overboard and finding the right balance, you can incorporate the farmhouse style into your home that captures your personality and lifestyle, creating your oasis of warmth and comfort.

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