How to Bring Victorian Elegance into Your Bathroom Décor?

Decorating a bathroom in Victorian style can be a fun and exciting project, and there are several elements you can incorporate to achieve an authentic and elegant look. Here are some tips to help you decorate your bathroom with a Victorian touch:
  • Choose white fixtures: whether you prefer revival style or plain, white fixtures are a staple of Victorian bathrooms and will provide a clean, classic look that complements the other elements in the room.
  • Select nickel or brass fittings: Victorian style emphasizes the use of metals like brass and nickel for fixtures, handles, and knobs. Avoid using dark or chrome fittings, as they may clash with the overall look.
  • Embrace Victorian lighting fixtures: invest in Victorian-inspired lighting fixtures to add a touch of elegance to the space. Look for intricately designed chandeliers, scones, and pendant lights that reflect the era’s style.
  • Include a piece of furniture from the past: Victorian bathrooms often incorporated pieces of furniture like vanity tables, chairs, and cabinets. Adding a vintage piece with intricate details can add character and charm to your space.
  • Choose wood or white mosaic tiles for the flooring: Victorian style bathrooms often feature wood flooring or white mosaic tiles that add texture and pattern to the space. Consider incorporating a patterned or textured rug to complement the flooring.
  • Wallpaper walls with Anaglypta, wallpaper, or stencils: wallpaper is a must-have element for a Victorian-style bathroom. Consider using Anaglypta, a raised wallpaper style that was popular during the Victorian era. Alternatively, you can use intricate patterns or stencils to add interest to the room.
  • By incorporating these elements, you can create a stunning Victorian-style bathroom that combines classic elegance with modern functionality.
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    Choosing the Right Fixtures: White Revival or Plain

    When decorating a bathroom in Victorian style, it is essential to choose the right fixtures. The most common colors for Victorian-era bathrooms were white and black, and this tradition has carried on for generations. Choosing white fixtures is a surefire way to get your Victorian-style bathroom off to a great start. You may choose either revival-style white fixtures or plain white ones, depending on your personal preferences. Revival style refers to fixtures that have been designed to mimic the Victorian era’s appearance, while plain white fixtures are simply white with no ornamentation. Both options are fantastic choices and will look great in your bathroom. Bullet points: – Choose white fixtures for a classic Victorian look – Consider either revival-style or plain white fixtures – Revival-style fixtures are designed to mimic the Victorian era, while plain white fixtures are simple and clean.

    Fittings that Embrace Victorian Elegance: Nickel or Brass

    When it comes to selecting fittings for your bathroom, the Victorian era was all about elegance and sophistication. Brass and nickel fittings will help you create a Victorian, elegant appearance. Avoid fittings that are too dark or have a chrome finish as Victorian style usually features brighter metals. These metals are pleasing to the eye and have a beautiful sheen that adds to the overall ambiance of the bathroom. Whether you choose brass or nickel, you’ll be able to give your bathroom a sophisticated and stylish edge. Bullet points: – Go for elegant and sophisticated fittings – Select nickel or brass fittings for a Victorian look – Choose brighter metals over dark or chrome finishes for an authentic appearance.

    Setting the Tone with Victorian Lighting Fixtures

    Lighting fixtures are often overlooked, but they are a crucial part of any bathroom’s design and can make all the difference in setting the tone for your Victorian-style bathroom. Choose lighting fixtures that embrace Victorian elegance, including chandeliers, pendant lights, and sconces.
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    Victorian-era lighting fixtures were typically made of brass or other metals and featured intricate designs. Installing Victorian-style lighting fixtures that are both beautiful and functional is an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Bullet points: – Lighting fixtures are essential for setting the tone in a bathroom – Choose Victorian-era lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, pendant lights, and sconces – Victorian-era lighting fixtures were made of brass or other metals with intricate designs, creating a touch of luxury.

    Adding Character with Vintage Bathroom Furniture

    Including a piece of vintage furniture in your bathroom can instantly give a unique and luxurious vibe. Consider adding antique vanities, vintage medicine cabinets, or intricate towel racks to your bathroom. Vintage furniture will add character and charm to your Victorian-style bathroom. Using an antique piece of furniture as a statement piece of the bathroom will go a long way in creating the desired vibe. It’s also an ideal way to retain the essence of a bygone era while still enjoying modern amenities. Bullet points: – Adding vintage furniture is an excellent way to add character to your bathroom – Consider antique vanities, vintage medicine cabinets, or intricate towel racks – Use a statement piece of the furniture to create the desired Victorian style ambiance.

    Flooring that Speaks Victorian: Wood or White Mosaic Tiles

    The flooring is an element that can make or break the Victorian ambiance you want to achieve in your bathroom. Two options can lend your bathroom Victorian look- white mosaic tiles and wooden flooring. White mosaic tiles are a classic Victorian-era flooring option, sure to make your bathroom appear elegant and refined. Traditional wooden flooring can also add warmth and a sophisticated feel to your bathroom design. Both options have their own set of pros and cons, but your choice may depend on what the bathroom design looks like.
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    Bullet points: – Flooring is an element that sets the tone for your bathroom’s Victorian ambiance – White mosaic tiles are classic Victorian-style, elegant, and refined – Traditional wooden flooring can add warmth and sophistication to your bathroom.

    Victorian Wall Decor: Wallpaper with Anaglypta, Wallpaper, or Stencils

    Wall decor is a crucial final touch for giving your bathroom a Victorian feel. Anaglypta wallpaper, wallpaper, and stencils are some of the most commonly used options. Anaglypta is a heavily embossed wallpaper, a style that was popular during the Victorian era. Wallpaper designs with intricate patterns, floral details, and soft muted colors are other great options to consider. Stenciling adds a unique touch to the overall design, and it is an economical choice as the stencils can be easily reused. In whatever decors you choose, it should remind you of the Victorian era’s elegance and grace. Bullet points: – Wall decor is crucial for giving your bathroom a Victorian style – Anaglypta wallpaper, traditional wallpaper, and stencils are commonly used decors – Choose intricate patterns, floral details, and muted colors for a Victorian feel.


    It’s delightful to see how much the Victorian design elements of the 19th century are still prominent in today’s bathrooms. By incorporating these design elements into your bathroom, you can achieve a timeless and elegant Victorian style that will endure for decades to come. By choosing the right fixtures, fittings, vintage furniture, lighting, flooring, and wall décor, you can create a stunning bathroom with Victorian charm and sophistication.

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