How Much for Kitchen Cabinet Installation Labor Only?

The cost to install kitchen cabinets can vary depending on different factors such as the type of cabinets and the contractor hired for the job. According to industry standards, the average labor cost for installing kitchen cabinets (including cleaning, preparation, and cleanup) ranges between $80 and $190 per cabinet. This translates to a cost of between $50 to $450 per linear foot of cabinets installed. Here are some factors that can affect the overall cost of installation:
  • Type of Cabinets: The cost to install custom cabinets is usually higher than pre-fabricated ones as custom cabinets require more specialized labor and materials
  • Location: The geographical location of your home can affect the labor cost to install cabinets. Some areas have a higher cost of living, leading to higher labor costs than other areas
  • Contractor: The contractor’s experience, expertise, and reputation can affect the overall cost of installation as the more skilled and experienced contractors often charge higher labor costs
  • Kitchen Layout: The kitchen’s layout can also influence the labor cost as complex kitchen designs may require more time and effort to install the cabinets properly
  • It’s essential to do your research before hiring a contractor to install your kitchen cabinets to ensure that the job is done efficiently and professionally. Get multiple quotes from different contractors, check their credentials and references, and have a detailed contract that outlines the scope of the work, materials needed, and payment schedule. With proper planning and budgeting, installing new kitchen cabinets can be a great addition to your home, adding both value and functionality.

    Understanding the Cost of Installing Kitchen Cabinets

    One of the most significant and costly elements of a kitchen renovation is installing new cabinets. Whether you opt for custom cabinetry or prefabricated ones, you will have to deal with the labor costs. The average labor costs to install kitchen cabinets include cleaning, preparing, and cleaning up, making the installation price vary according to the number of cabinets and the linear footage of the kitchen.
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    On average, the cost for installing kitchen cabinets ranges from $80 to $190 per cabinet and between $50 to $450 per linear foot. Labor represents the most substantial part of the installation cost but offers a better warranty and guarantee in the case of damages or any repairs during installations. Before installing kitchen cabinets, assess your budget and plan for an added labor cost of approximately 50% of the total cost of the cabinets.

    Variations in Labor Costs

    It is essential to point out that labor costs vary from region to region and contractor to contractor. Factors such as experience, expertise, the type and quality of materials used, and geographical locality contribute to price variations. Additionally, the complexity and difficulty of the installation process may also influence the labor costs. Generally, labor rates for installing kitchen cabinets may vary from $80 – $120 per hour. The baseline hourly rate does not include specialty services such as electrical, plumbing, or carpentry work, which may require additional labor costs.

    Factors Affecting Labor Costs for Kitchen Cabinet Installation

    Several factors impact labor costs for kitchen cabinet installation. Here are some factors that may affect labor costs:
    • Kitchen Size: Kitchen size is one of the primary determinants of the labor cost. A larger kitchen will have more cabinets and need more time for installation, which can increase the labor cost.
    • Cabinet Type: The cabinet type you choose can affect the labor cost. Cabinets with intricate designs or features, such as lazy Susans, pull-out drawers, or specialized hardware, require additional installation time and effort.
    • Cabinet Material: The material you choose also impacts labor costs due to the level of difficulty to install. Cabinets made of high-end materials like solid wood, for example, often come with higher labor costs than those made of particleboard.
    • Removal of Old Cabinets: Removing old cabinets is crucial in installing new ones. However, it can increase the labor cost, especially when significant changes are necessary to accommodate new cabinet styles or configurations.
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    Cost of Cabinet Installation by Type

    The price of installing kitchen cabinets depends on several factors, including the type of cabinets you choose. Here are the estimated costs of installing kitchen cabinets based on their types:
    • Custom Cabinets: Custom cabinets require more time and specialized skills to install, which makes them the most expensive. The installation cost of custom cabinets can range between $500 and $1200 per linear foot, depending on the complexity of the design and materials used.
    • Semi-Custom Cabinets: Semi-custom cabinets offer moderate customization options and may cost between $150 and $300 per linear foot for installation. The labor cost can change based on the material and hardware used.
    • Stock Cabinets: Stock cabinets are the most affordable option for installing kitchen cabinets and have a relatively low installation cost of approximately $75 to $150 per linear foot. However, they offer the least customization possibilities compared to custom or semi-custom cabinets.

    Evaluating Contractors for Cabinet Installation

    Choosing a contractor can make all the difference in terms of the quality and price of your cabinet installation. This is why you should evaluate potential contractors to find the best fit for your job. When evaluating a contractor, be sure to consider the following:
    • Experience: Ask potential contractors how long they’ve been installing kitchen cabinets, how many similar projects they’ve completed, and how many years of experience they have.
    • References: Request references and contact them to ask about their experience with the contractor in question and if they would hire them again.
    • Insurance: Ensure the contractor holds insurance, such as liability insurance and workers’ compensation, to protect against damage and injury during the installation process.
    • Licensing: Check to make sure the contractor has a valid license to work in your area and ask for proof of the license.
    • Cost: Request quotes from several contractors and compare them to determine the best fit for your budget and project scope.

    Preparing for Cabinet Installation

    Before installation, you must prepare your kitchen. Here are some measures to take before the installation date to ensure a seamless process:
    • Remove Your Old Cabinets: Start the process by removing old cabinets and disposing of them properly.
    • Empty Cabinets Contents: Packing your belongings in preparation for the installation helps a lot and prevents damage to your things.
    • Protect Your Floors: Protect your kitchen floors with drop cloths to prevent damage from heavy equipment and foot traffic during installation.
    • Make Arrangements for Utilities: Arrange for your plumbing and electrical elements to be moved or disconnected before the installation starts.
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    Managing Cleanup and Post-Installation Activities

    Once the installation is complete, your contractor will clean up the workspace. However, it’s crucial to ensure that nothing has been left unsupported or undone. Here are some steps to take during the cleanup process:
    • Inspect Cabinets: Check the cabinets to ensure they are level, plumb, and appear secure.
    • Inspect Materials: Verify that all the materials promised by the contractor were installed and are of the expected quality.
    • Organize and Clean Up: Return things back to your cabinets and ensure that everything is organized and in its proper place. Clean up your kitchen, including countertops, floors, and other surfaces.
    • Final Payment: Once you’re completely satisfied with the work, fulfill payment obligations in full and obtain a receipt for your records.
    In conclusion, installing kitchen cabinets is one of the most significant investments during a kitchen renovation. Labor costs for cabinet installation range between $80 and $190 per cabinet, and between $50 and $450 per linear foot, depending on several factors such as kitchen size, cabinet type, cabinet material or removal of old cabinets. When hiring a contractor, evaluate their experience, references, insurance and licensing. Finally, prepare for the installation, manage post-cleanup activities, and double-check for any damages or undone work before making the final payment.

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