How long will the boho style last? Experts weigh in on the trend’s staying power.

The popularity of Bohemian or Boho style has been on a steady rise in recent years. However, after being confined to our homes for a whole year due to the pandemic, people are becoming more inclined towards a professional and polished look for themselves as well as their living spaces. This shift in preference is likely to affect the future of Boho style. As a home and garden enthusiast, I predict that the popularity of Boho is likely to decline by 2022. Here are a few points that support my prediction:
  • Preference for more traditional styles – With the desire to move away from the chaotic and unstructured Boho style, people are likely to shift towards more traditional styles that are timeless and elegant.
  • Minimalism on the rise – Minimalistic designs have been gaining traction in the recent past. This style resonates with people more than ever now, given the need for simplicity and serenity in their homes post-pandemic.
  • Increase in professionalism – As people gradually return to their offices and in-person jobs post-pandemic, there will be a natural inclination towards more professionalism. We may see this preference towards a more formal look being reflected in the design of living spaces as well.
  • In conclusion, while the Boho style has been popular in recent years, it is likely to decline in popularity by 2022. Traditional styles and minimalism are expected to rise in popularity post-pandemic, as people seek a more polished and professional look for themselves and their homes.
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    How long will the boho style last?

    The Rise of Bohemian Style during the Pandemic

    The pandemic has had a profound impact on many aspects of our lives, including fashion and home decor. With most people spending more time at home than ever before, comfort, and convenience have become a top priority. Amidst this, the bohemian style, characterized by earthy tones, patterns, textures, and flowy silhouettes, has gained popularity in both fashion and home decor. Boho style has a certain relaxed and laid-back vibe that pairs well with the uncertainty and unpredictability of life during a pandemic. It’s not surprising that this trend took off during the lockdown period as it reflects the ethos of exploring with a sense of freedom that has been restrictive in our daily lives. Many fashion icons embraced boho style, as it added a unique touch and personality to their wardrobes. Brands and designers have also started incorporating the boho style into their collections, making it accessible for the masses. Similarly, for home decor, boho style focuses on minimalist, carefree, and light aspects. It’s about creating the perfect atmosphere to escape from the drama of the world outside. The aesthetic is welcoming and easy to achieve, making it a suitable option for many people. Boho style is inclusive to all; it’s about individuality, freedom, and embracing imperfections.

    The Impact of Prolonged Home-stay on Fashion Preferences

    The pandemic has changed the way we view our homes and fashion preferences, with heavy dependence on online shopping and a good relationship with the couch. Comfortable clothing and furniture have become a priority in everyone’s lives. The pandemic forced business activities to shut down, and in a similar fashion, the various lockdowns led people to start new hobbies and explore new alternatives.
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    The bohemian style, in this situation, provided an ideal option for fashion and interior decor. It enhanced the sense of freedom, creativity, and escape from monotony with its vibrant colors, textures, and patterns.

    Why the Boho Style May Lose Popularity in 2022

    After a year-and-a-half-long pandemic, people are gradually showing interest in returning to a more normal life. While individuals will continue to prioritize comfort in their fashion choices, there will also be a focus on looking polished and professional. The same trends will be evident in home decor preferences. As people begin to spend more time working in offices and meeting people face-to-face, they will gravitate towards more polished and professional styles. The boho style, with its laid-back, casual, and carefree vibe, may no longer appeal to people’s tastes as it has in the past. This does not mean the boho style is outdated, but simply that it has run its course, and people are ready to move on to something new.

    What Will Replace Boho Style in the Coming Year?

    As people transition from casual wear to professional clothing, and from sloppy home decor to more polished styles, transitional styles will have a moment in the fashion and home decor industry. Athleisure will remain a top-choice, as people long for comfort as they cope with resuming their pre-pandemic lifestyles. Smart and tailored clothing will emerge in the fashion industry as people transition back to office spaces. Interiors will involve eclecticism, incorporation of open spaces, sustainable shopping, and a greater focus on the organization. Experts predict the coming year will see a blend of the modern, sustainable, and vibrant styles that allow someone to have a sense of personality and individuality in their wear and decor.
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    Tips on Transitioning from Boho to a More Polished Look for Home and Fashion

    If you were previously an ardent lover of the Boho style but feel ready to transition, you can take some tips from the following suggestions:
    • Start Small with Accessories: Switch to minimalist and classic accessories.
    • Incorporate Neutrals: Switch your bright pieces, with neutral workwear, dress shirts.
    • Experiment with Shoes: Try out chunky boot types that are professional in look.
    • Upgrade Furniture: Move away from pieces that reflect collections and opt for more classic, traditional, or mid-century modern ones.
    • Add a Pop of Color: Incorporate a statement piece, such as a vividly colored painting or a vibrant area rug, to your room.


    The pandemic has brought about various changes, including preferences in home decor and fashion. Boho style came as a breath of fresh air, coupled with its versatility and inclusivity, which is why it became a popular trend. While the style may lose its popularity in the near future, the boho style’s essence and spirit will remain eternal.

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