How to Mix Boho and Modern Farmhouse Styles Perfectly

Boho and modern farmhouse styles can seem like complete opposites, but they can be mixed together to make a beautiful, unique space. To create this style, try toning down the vibrant colors that are often a staple of bohemian décor. You can transform orange into the color of rust, pink into faded ochre, yellow into mustard, and blue into navy. This will bring a more muted palette that works well with the rustic elements of the modern farmhouse style. Here are a few more tips to mix these two styles seamlessly: – Incorporate natural wood and metal elements, such as a wooden coffee table or metal accent pieces. – Add some texture with woven blankets, throw pillows or rugs. – Consider adding plants as an organic element that works well with both styles. – Look for unique vintage finds like tapestries, baskets, or glassware that are reminiscent of boho style, but also work with the modern farmhouse aesthetic. – Use gold accents that work with both styles as a way to unify the look and add a touch of elegance. By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and cohesive space that blends the best of both styles.
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How to Mix Boho and Modern Farmhouse Styles

Achieving the perfect balance between boho and modern farmhouse styles can be a daunting task. On one hand, you have the free-spirited feel of bohemian decor, while on the other hand, you have the chic and cozy vibe of modern farmhouse designs. However, it is possible to combine these two aesthetics to create a stunning look that is both elegant and relaxed. In this article, we will discuss some simple ways to blend boho and modern farmhouse styles.

Toning Down the Vibrant Bohemian Tones

Bohemian decor is known for its bold and vibrant colors, which can sometimes clash with the subdued and earthy tones of farmhouse decor. To create a cohesive look between the two styles, it’s best to tone down the vibrant bohemian hues. One way to achieve this is by converting bright colors into muted or rusty versions of themselves. For instance, instead of using bright orange, switch to a burnt orange or rust shade.

Turning Orange into Rust: Achieving the Right Color Scheme

When it comes to creating a boho farmhouse color scheme, it’s essential to use warm earth tones, including rust, mustard, ochre, and navy blue, to name a few. Rust is a beautiful color that is synonymous with both boho and farmhouse aesthetics. Using rust adds a touch of the bohemian charm while also giving a rustic and worn-out feel that is typical of farmhouse decor.

From Pink to Faded Ochre: Transforming Boho to Farmhouse

Instead of using pure pink, opting for faded ochre tones will help balance out the bohemian vibe while also staying true to the farmhouse aesthetic. Faded ochre is a lighter shade of brown that has a minimalistic and calming effect, making it perfect for modern farmhouse designs. Incorporating it into your decor will give your space a relaxed feel that will facilitate stress-free relaxation.
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Making Mustard from Yellow: A Step-by-Step Guide

Yellow is another boho staple that can clash with the modern farmhouse aesthetic. However, by converting yellow into mustard, it provides a rustic and sophisticated look to your decor. To make mustard from yellow, you’ll need: Ingredients: – 2 parts yellow paint – 1 part brown paint – 1 part red paint – A mixing palette – A paintbrush Instructions: 1. Mix the yellow paint and brown paint on the mixing palette. 2. Gradually add red paint until you achieve your desired mustard shade. 3. Apply the mustard paint to your decor accents, such as throw pillows, curtains, or lampshades. Navy blue is another color that is perfect for combining boho and farmhouse styles. It is a neutral and timeless color that can seamlessly blend into any decor style. Using navy blue in your boho farmhouse decor will provide a classic and cozy look that is perfect for any room. Gold accents add a touch of elegance and glamour to any decor style. It’s also the perfect element that unites boho and modern farmhouse styles. Gold provides a warm and sophisticated appeal to your space, so be sure to incorporate it into your decor. Use gold accents in throw pillows, vases, picture frames, or even in fixtures such as faucets and lamps.

Achieving the Boho Farmhouse Look: A Summary

In conclusion, combining boho and modern farmhouse styles can be tricky, but by mixing earthy tones, toning down bohemian hues, and adding gold accents, you can achieve a beautiful and cozy boho farmhouse decor. Remember that balance is key, and you don’t have to incorporate equal parts of both styles. Instead, aim for a harmonious blend. With the tips shared in this article, you are now equipped to create your perfect boho farmhouse style.

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