How do you make a bookshelf look classy? Stylish decor tips inside!

If you want to make your bookshelf look classy, there are quite a few ways you can achieve this. First and foremost, you should aim to make the display space alongside your books look just as enticing. This means working niches into your bookshelf design, arranging books in piles, and showing books based on their weight. In addition to this, you should also apply color scheme rules for bookshelves and consider incorporating decorative personal touches, such as placing vinyl on shelves, that complement your book collection. Lastly, keep the concept of ‘less is more’ in mind when designing your bookshelf and don’t hesitate to display accessories that help round out the ambiance of your shelf. Here are the key points in an organized list:
  • Place a display space alongside your books
  • Work niches into your bookshelf design
  • Arrange books in piles
  • Show books based on their weight
  • Use color scheme rules for bookshelves
  • Place vinyl on shelves
  • Design with the concept of ‘less is more’
  • Display accessories alongside books
  • By implementing these strategies, you can upgrade your bookshelf into a classy display that not only shows off your love of literature, but your design style too!

    How to Make Your Bookshelf Look Classy: Tips and Tricks

    Bookshelves can be more than just functional pieces of furniture. With a bit of design sense, they can add depth and character to any room. A well-styled bookshelf is an opportunity to showcase not just your favorite books but also your personality and design aesthetic. Here are some tips to make your bookshelf look classy and inviting.
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    Incorporate Display Spaces

    Incorporating display spaces is a great way to make your bookshelf more visually interesting. Consider adding small shelves or nooks that can showcase decorative objects. These spaces also provide a much-needed break from an otherwise monotonous book display. Here are some ideas:
    • Small sculptures or art pieces
    • Plants and flowers
    • Picture frames with family photos or personal artwork
    • Antiques or vintage objects
    Pro tip: Balance is key in creating a visually pleasing bookshelf. Distribute your display items throughout the shelf and incorporate them with books to create an organized and cohesive look.

    Add Niches to Your Design

    Niches are a subtle yet effective way to create depth and interest in your bookshelf. These small recesses can be easily created by adjusting the depth of certain shelves. Niches can act as a display space for small items, or even as hidden book storage. Here are some examples:
    • A recessed area to highlight a single, special book
    • Shallow niches to hold small vases of flowers or other delicate objects
    • Deep niches for hidden storage
    Pro tip: Be intentional with your niches. Consider the size and placement of each niche to keep your bookshelf organized and visually appealing.

    Stack Books for an Artistic Touch

    Stacking books is an artistic way to create a visually interesting bookshelf. This method breaks up the uniformity of rows and adds layers that give depth and texture. Here are some ideas:
    • Stack books of different sizes
    • Alternate between stacks of horizontal and vertical books
    • Place small decorative items on top of stacks of books
    Pro tip: Keep the stacks neat and tidy, and incorporate them with other display items. A stack of books can provide a great visual anchor for smaller items on the same shelf.

    Play with Weight

    Playing with weight means arranging books based on their size, color, or theme. This technique creates a cohesive and organized look, while drawing the eye to certain parts of the bookshelf. Here are some ideas:
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    • Group books by size or color
    • Arrange books based on their theme or genre
    • Gradually change the color or theme of books from one end of the shelf to the other
    Pro tip: Keep the organization consistent across the entire shelf, and don’t forget to mix it up with a few decorative objects.

    Follow Color Scheme Rules

    A great way to make a bookshelf look cohesive and visually pleasing is by following certain color scheme rules while organizing your books. Consider the colors of your room and choose books with complementary colors that will go well with the space. You can also group books by color for a more visually appealing look. Here are some ideas:
    • Group books by color and arrange them in a rainbow fashion
    • Stack books by color to create a color block look
    • Alternate colors for a more subtle approach
    Pro tip: Make sure the color grouping complements the room’s decor and doesn’t clash.

    Utilize Vinyl Storage on Shelves

    Vinyl storage can be a great way to utilize your bookshelf space while adding a vintage touch. You can store record albums in between books or create a dedicated section for your vinyl collection. Here are some ideas:
    • Use vinyl to break up rows of books
    • Create a dedicated section for your vinyl collection
    • Stagger vinyl records with books for a fun and playful look
    Pro tip: Incorporating vinyl in your bookshelf design can be a great conversation starter and add a personal touch to your decor.

    Less Is More: Design Concept

    When it comes to bookshelf design, less can be more. A minimalist bookshelf can create a clean and uncluttered look while still showcasing your favorite books. This design concept can also make the bookshelf more versatile and allow it to adapt to different decor styles. Here are some ideas:
    • Stick to one or two types of display items
    • Arrange books based on size and color for a clean and simple look
    • Use negative space to create a well-balanced and uncluttered shelf
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    Pro tip: Less isn’t just about the number of items; it’s also about organization and spacings. Keep your bookshelf organized and use negative space to highlight your favorite books and display items.

    Accessorize Your Bookcase Display

    Accessorizing your bookcase display is an opportunity to showcase your personal style and add a touch of personality to the bookshelf. These items can be either functional or purely decorative. Here are some ideas:
    • Stylish bookends to keep your books organized
    • Candle holders or lamps to add some mood lighting to the room
    • Literary themed artwork for a touch of whimsy
    Pro tip: Accessorizing can be a fun way to show your personality, just make sure to keep it relatively minimal and not overwhelm the bookshelf.


    Your bookshelf can be much more than just a functional piece of furniture. With a bit of design sense and creative thinking, it can become a statement piece that adds depth and character to your room. Whether you choose to incorporate display spaces, add niches to your design, stack books for an artistic touch, play with weight, follow color scheme rules, utilize vinyl storage on shelves, adopt a less is more design concept or accessorize your bookcase display, the key is to stay true to your personal style and intention.

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