How to Survive a Bathroom Renovation: Tips for Living Comfortably

Bathroom renovations can be a hassle, particularly when it comes to maintaining your daily hygiene routine. But, don’t fret! There are a number of practical solutions to help you live comfortably during a bathroom renovation. Here are a few options:

  • Install a wash station: If you have the space, consider installing a wash station within your kitchen or utility room. This will provide you with easy access to a sink, faucet, and countertop, allowing you to brush your teeth, wash your face, and perform other minor grooming tasks without having to venture too far from your living space.
  • Visit a gym or leisure center: Many gyms and leisure centers offer shower facilities that you can use for a small fee. This is a great way to maintain your hygiene without having to worry about a messy living space. Plus, it’s a good excuse to exercise and stay in shape!
  • Shower at work or at a relative’s house: If you have access to a shower at work or at the house of a relative or friend, take advantage of it! It may not be the most convenient option, but it will help you to maintain your daily routine without too much disruption.
  • Take a break for a few days: If the renovation process is particularly disruptive, you may want to consider taking a break for a few days and staying in a hotel or at a friend’s house. This will give you the opportunity to relax in a comfortable space and avoid any stress related to the renovation.
  • Use dry shampoos: In between showers, dry shampoos can be a lifesaver! They are an easy and convenient way to freshen up your hair without having to wash it. Plus, they come in a variety of scents and formulas, so you can find one that works for you.
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    Remember, a bathroom renovation is only temporary. With a little creativity and some practical solutions, you can maintain your daily routine without too much disruption!

    Going through a bathroom renovation can be a messy and disruptive process that can leave you without access to your usual daily routine. One of the most significant challenges during a bathroom renovation is figuring out how to keep yourself clean and fresh while the work is going on. Here are some options for living during a bathroom renovation.

    Wash station alternatives

    When your bathroom is out of commission, it’s essential to have a backup plan for personal hygiene. A wash station is a portable solution that can be set up in your kitchen, laundry room, or any other area with access to plumbing and electricity. A wash station includes a sink and mirror, making it easy to wash your face, brush your teeth, or perform other basic hygiene tasks. Here are some alternatives to consider:

    • Kitchen Sink Wash Station: If you have a large kitchen and lots of counter space, you can create a wash station using your kitchen sink. Simply clear the area around the sink and add a mirror and some toiletries. This option is convenient because you have access to water and electricity.
    • Utility Sink Wash Station: If you have a laundry or utility room with a sink, you can create a simple wash station using this sink. This option is practical because you have a designated area for cleaning up, and you can use it to do laundry too.

    Getting creative with kitchen space

    During a bathroom renovation, your kitchen can be a valuable resource. Here’s how to make the most of your kitchen space:

    • Sponge Baths: Fill a large bowl with warm water and use a washcloth to wash your body. This option can be practical if you don’t have access to a wash station or a shower.
    • Hair Care: Use the kitchen sink to wash your hair, or consider using a dry shampoo that doesn’t need water.
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    Don’t forget the utility room

    Your laundry room or utility room can also be a valuable resource during a bathroom renovation. Here’s how to make the most of it:

    • Laundry Room Shower: If you have a utility sink or a floor drain, you can use a showerhead attached to the sink to take a quick shower.
    • Laundry Room Basin: Use the sink in your utility room to wash your hands and face, brush your teeth, or perform other basic hygiene tasks.

    Exploring gym and leisure centre options

    Another option for staying clean and fresh during a bathroom renovation is to sign up for a gym membership. Most gyms have showers and locker rooms that you can use. Here are some things to consider:

    • Cleaning Supplies: Bring your own shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, and other personal care items to the gym.
    • Cost: Make sure to factor in the cost of the gym membership when considering this option.
    • Location: Choose a gym that is convenient to your home or workplace.

    Showering on-the-go at work

    If your workplace has a gym or showers, consider taking a quick shower before or after work. Here are some things to consider:

    • Clothing: Bring a change of clothes so you can go to work feeling fresh and clean.
    • Access: Make sure to check with your employer about using the showers at work.

    Seeking out relatives

    If you have a close relative or friend who lives nearby, consider asking if you can shower at their home. This option allows you to get clean without having to leave your neighborhood.

    Taking a few days to refresh

    If all else fails, consider taking a break from your home and spending a few days at a hotel or with relatives. This option allows you to restore your energy and feel refreshed, which can make sitting through the renovation process more manageable.

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    Creative cleaning solutions for hair and body

    If you don’t have access to water or showers, there are still ways to stay clean during a bathroom renovation. Here are some creative options:

    • Hair Care: Use dry shampoo to clean your hair without water.
    • Body Care: Use body wipes to clean your body without water.

    In conclusion, living during a bathroom renovation can be challenging, but there are options available for staying clean and fresh. Whether you choose to set up a wash station in your kitchen, use a gym or leisure center, or take a few days for yourself, it’s essential to find a plan that works for you. Getting creative with kitchen and utility room space and seeking out relatives or a hotel room can also be helpful. With a little bit of planning, you can survive your bathroom renovation and come out feeling refreshed.

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