How to Achieve a Charming Country Cottage Look at Home

If you’re looking to give your home a warm and cozy feel, adding a touch of charming country cottage is a great way to go. Here are some tips on how to make your house look like a country cottage:
  • Find natural materials: Incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, and brick will help give your home that rustic, countryside feel. Consider adding a wooden mantel or exposed brick walls if possible.
  • Decorate with nature-inspired art: Adding art featuring landscapes, florals, and other natural elements is a great way to bring a touch of the great outdoors inside. You can even showcase beautiful pressed flowers or leaves for a simple, but charming decoration.
  • Stick with a pastel palette: Choose soft, muted colors for your walls, furniture and decor. Pastel shades like pale blue, light yellow, and soft pink can give your home a delicate, vintage feel reminiscent of a cozy country cottage.
  • Consider wallpaper: When it comes to wallpaper, choose patterns that pay homage to nature such as florals, vines, and leaves. This element will create interest and texture to your walls without being too overwhelming.
  • Infuse nature: Show off flowering plants in urns, woven baskets or pots for an indoor garden feel. Display succulents and branches in vintage glass vases.
  • Find rustic light fixtures: Chandeliers and wall sconces made from wrought iron or distressed wood are perfect for achieving the look you want. This kind of lighting fixture will create a warm atmosphere and can add a soft glow to any room.
  • Add cozy fabrics: To instill warmth into your living spaces, incorporate soft and cozy fabrics such as plush throw blankets, patterned pillows, and striking area rugs.
  • By following these tips and incorporating natural materials, a pastel color palette, nature-inspired art, and cozy fabrics, you can make your house look and feel like a charming country cottage in no time.
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    How to Make Your House Look Like a Charming Country Cottage

    If you want to create a cozy and homey feel in your living space, consider transforming it into a charming country cottage. This style is all about warmth, comfort and a natural feel, creating a space that invites you to relax and unwind. To create a country cottage look, here are some tips that you can use to add natural elements and enhance the cozy feel in your home.

    Incorporating Natural Materials into Your Home

    One aspect of the country cottage style is the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and brick. Adding these touches throughout your living space can achieve a warm and authentic feel. Here are some ways you can incorporate natural materials in your home:
    • Wooden Furniture: Consider wooden furniture pieces like coffee tables, shelves, accent chairs, and bed frames to create a natural feel.
    • Brick or Stone Accent Walls: Implementing a brick or stone accent wall can add charm to any room in your home, and it’s an excellent way to incorporate natural materials.
    • Natural Textures: Think about incorporating natural textures in your decor, like woven baskets, wooden bowls, and hand-knitted throw blankets.

    Decorating with Nature-Inspired Art

    Nature-inspired art is a perfect addition to a country cottage theme. It adds a touch of whimsy, and it’s an excellent way to bring the outdoors inside. Some ideas to incorporate nature-inspired art into your home include:
    • Floral Prints: Florals are a classic country cottage style design. Find some art pieces or fabrics that feature floral prints reminiscent of the English countryside.
    • Natural Landscapes: Display wall art that features natural landscapes, like a mountain or beach scene, or a tranquil forest.
    • Birds and Wildlife: Hang paintings or sculptures that feature birds, deer, or other wildlife as a way to add a touch of nature to your living space.
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    Pastel Color Palette: A Signature of Country Cottage Style

    Pastel colors are another hallmark of the country cottage style. These soft hues add charm and create a comfortable, inviting space. To achieve the country cottage look, consider these color choices:
    • Light Blue: This color brings tranquility and calmness to a space, and it pairs well with white-spired trims and wood accents.
    • Muted Green: A muted green adds a touch of nature and complements beige or off-white furniture or accents.
    • Pink and Lavender: These colors are perfect for adding a feminine touch to a space, and they contrast well with wooden accents.

    The Charm of Wallpaper for a Cottage Look

    Wallpaper is an excellent way to add texture, color, and pattern to a room. Consider these popular designs in wallpaper styles to give your home a cottage feel:
    • Floral Print: As mentioned before, florals are classic country style. Opt for a wallpaper with a spread of flowers in gentle, elegant shades to create a feminine and inviting space.
    • Geometric Print: For a more contemporary look, a geometric-print wallpaper in pastel shades can work well and add a unique touch.
    • Toile Print: Toile is a classic country-style wallpaper design filled with pastoral scenes and country living. It adds charm and gives a timeless look to any room.

    Infusing Your Home with Nature: Plants and Floral Arrangements

    Adding natural elements like plants and flowers can give life to any space. They not only add color, but they can also improve air quality and create a serene ambiance. Here are some ways to incorporate plants and floral arrangements:
    • Indoor Plants: Keep indoor plants next to a window to provide natural light, and choose plants that suit your living space. Succulents and ferns are two popular indoor choices for a country cottage look.
    • Floral Arrangements: Display fresh flowers throughout your home in vases or mason jars for a charming finish. Tulips, daisies, and lilacs can add a lovely touch to a country-style home.
    • Tree Branches: Consider using tree branches in vases or as art to bring a natural feel into your living space.
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    Lighting Fixtures Inspired by Countryside Living

    Lighting is so important to create the mood and ambiance of a living space. For a country cottage theme, consider these lighting fixture options:
    • Lanterns: Hanging lanterns in a hallway or on a front porch can add an authentic farmhouse feel.
    • Rustic Chandeliers: For a more sophisticated take, choose a rustic chandelier, adding character to an entryway or dining room.
    • Cottage-Style Lamps: Lamps with textured fabric shades or antique painted finishes can add charm to a living room or bedroom.

    Creating Cozy Spaces with Fabrics That Bring Warmth

    Lastly, fabrics are an essential element in achieving a country cottage look. Soft, warm, and inviting fabrics can enhance the ambiance and coziness of any room. Here are some options for cozy fabrics:
    • Throws and Blankets: Use wool or knitted throws and blankets in your living room or bedroom for an added cozy feel.
    • Pillows: Choose pillows with unusual textures or prints to add whimsy and comfort to your space.
    • Window Treatments: Soft, flowing curtains in pastel colors can bring natural light and a charming touch to any room.


    A country cottage style combines natural elements with a cozy feel to create a welcoming living space. Through incorporating natural materials, using nature-inspired art, selecting a pastel palette, adding wallpaper, bringing in plants and flowers, choosing rustic lighting fixtures, and using cozy fabrics, you can create a charming and inviting home that you’ll love. Try these ideas and transform your space into a warm and inviting country cottage haven.

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