How to Achieve Cottagecore Style for a Cozy and Rustic Look

To achieve a perfect Cottagecore aesthetic, you want to bring the magic of the great outdoors into your home and wardrobe. Here are a few ways to achieve the Cottagecore look:
  • Floral and botanical designs: Incorporating the beautiful colors and patterns of flowers and plants into your clothing and decor is key to achieving the Cottagecore look. This could include floral-printed dresses, bed linens, curtains, or botanical wall art.
  • Natural hues: Using colors inspired by nature, including soft greens, blush pinks, and earthy browns, will help create a warm and inviting feel in your home. You can also include natural materials, like woven baskets and wooden decorations, to add texture and warmth.
  • Animals: Embrace the gentle, natural world with animal motifs, whether on your clothing or in your home decor. For example, a bird-patterned dress or a floral pillow with bird embroidery would be perfect Cottagecore additions.
  • Cozy, delicate textiles: Crocheted cardigans, lace trim, and even fairy lights are great ways to add a cozy touch to your Cottagecore aesthetic. Try draping a crocheted throw over a chair, or hanging fairy lights in your bedroom for an extra whimsical touch.
  • By incorporating these key elements into your wardrobe and home, you’ll be able to achieve a stunning Cottagecore look that’s both cozy and magical.

    Introduction to Cottagecore

    Cottagecore is a trend that has taken the home and fashion industries by storm. It emulates a simpler and more idyllic way of life, with a focus on the harmony between human and nature. This trend has recently grown in popularity due to its cozy, warm, and inviting aesthetic, which provides a perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life. Cottagecore is all about finding joy in the little things, such as tending to plants, baking bread, and enjoying the countryside.
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    Incorporating Floral and Botanical Designs

    Floral and botanical designs are a key aspect of the cottagecore aesthetic. Incorporating these motifs into your home and wardrobe is a great way to create a striking cottage-style look. Some ways you can add botanical and floral designs into your décor include:
    • Investing in botanical art or floral prints for your walls
    • Adding flowers or plants to your windowsill, coffee table, or bedside table
    • Using floral patterned throw pillows, curtains, or bedding
    • Decorating with natural elements such as branches or twine

    Adding Animals to Your Decor

    Another way to incorporate the cottagecore look is to add animal motifs to your décor. Animal-inspired décor adds a whimsical and charming touch to any room. You can find animal-inspired décor items such as:
    • Animal printed textiles, such as blankets and pillows
    • Decorative animal figurines for your shelves or fireplace mantel
    • Rustic wooden birdhouses for you to place outdoors on trees or hung around your patio
    • Adding natural looking antlers or faux taxidermy to your wall decor

    Natural Hues for Your Home and Wardrobe

    To truly embrace the cottagecore aesthetic, you should prioritize using natural hues in your wardrobe and home decor. Cottagecore is all about being close to nature, and therefore tones such as earthy greens, soft yellows, creamy whites, and burnt oranges can be seen regularly in cottages. Using natural hues provides a calming and peaceful atmosphere to your space. It’s important to focus on layering fabrics and textures when choosing your color scheme. For example, enhance your sofa with warm, pastel-toned throw pillows, or layer your bed with a waffle-textured blanket and a quilt.
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    Incorporating Cozy Decor

    Cottagecore is all about creating a cozy atmosphere. Soft lighting, plush fabrics, and ample amounts of pillows should be the focus when incorporating cozy home decor. To add an essence of coziness, here are a few of our favorite tips:
    • Place soft throw pillows around your living room to easily add a comfy touch
    • Add floor-based seating, such as poufs or floor cushions, to create a cozy retreat
    • Using stacked or vintage wooden crates as shelving is a prime example of combining rustic beauty with a functional storage solution
    • Find baskets and storage containers made out of natural materials such as wicker or rattan to add a touch of nature to your space
    Pro Tip: Consider layering light into your decor by using soft, organic materials like linen or cotton for your curtains or incorporating a soft colored lamp to add a cozy glow in the evenings.

    Delicate Clothing for a Cottage Look

    To complete the cottagecore look, incorporate delicate clothing pieces into your wardrobe, such as crocheted cardigans and lace dresses. These items exude the charming and folksy feel of cottagecore, and pair perfectly with simple and dainty accessories. Incorporate these clothing items into your wardrobe:
    • Soft and delicate dresses
    • Flowing skirts in muted tones and soft fabrics
    • Cozy or chunky knit cardigans and sweaters
    • Loose cotton or linen tops in earthy hues
    • Accessorize with hats, scarves, and jewelry made out of natural materials such as straw, hemp, or wood

    Creating a Cozy Atmosphere with Fairy Lights

    Fairy lights can be used to complement any cottagecore aesthetic. They provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere when placed in the right way. Fairy lights are best used in areas such as your outdoor pergola, or indoor fireplace mantel or bookcase to create a charming and relaxed setting.
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    Additional ways to incorporate fairy lights into your decor:
    • String them around your windowpanes, using them as decorative curtains or valances
    • Place them in a Mason jar and use them as a table centerpiece
    • Hang them around your bed or within a canopy
    • Twist them around the branches of your indoor plants to create a magical forest feel
    Final Thoughts: Incorporating Floral and Botanical Designs, adding animals to your decor, natural hues, incorporating cozy elements, delicate clothing, and creating a cozy atmosphere with fairy lights are all great ways to showcase the cottagecore aesthetic. With these tips, you can create a warm and inviting home reminiscent of a simpler, peaceful time.

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