How to Achieve Industrial Farmhouse Style: Expert Tips & Ideas

Achieving the industrial farmhouse look in your home can be an exciting project that will transform your living space into a cozy and functional retreat. To get this look, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and style. Here are some tips to help you get that industrial farmhouse look that you desire:
  • Emphasize spaciousness: To create an industrial farmhouse vibe, you need a spacious floor plan with lots of open spaces. Consider removing barriers between rooms, such as walls or partitions, to create an open-concept living space.
  • Favor open shelving: Industrial farmhouse design emphasizes the use of open shelving instead of closed cabinets wherever possible. Consider installing open shelves in your kitchen, pantry, and dining room, to showcase your dishware and food supplies.
  • Keep it minimal: The industrial farmhouse aesthetic favors a minimalist color scheme, featuring neutral tones like white, gray, and beige. Limit your color palette to a few key shades to create a cohesive, coherent look throughout your home.
  • Showcase concrete and exposed brick: The use of raw materials like concrete and exposed brickwork adds an industrial touch to any home. Consider leaving some walls unfinished to highlight the unique texture and color of these materials.
  • Combine steel with wood: Industrial farmhouse design relies on a contrast between cool metal materials like steel, and warm, rustic elements like wood. Incorporate steel pipes, lampshades, and furniture into your home, and pair them with reclaimed or handmade wooden shelves, tables, and chairs.
  • Embrace handmade or repurposed elements: Industrial farmhouse decor is all about repurposing and upcycling. Consider incorporating vintage or antique elements into your home decor. For instance, you could repurpose an old barn door as a headboard or use an antique trunk as a coffee table.
  • By following these tips, you can recreate that industrial farmhouse look that you love, and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your home.
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    The Industrial Farmhouse Look: An Introduction

    The industrial farmhouse look is a popular interior design trend that combines the rustic charm of the farmhouse style with the edgy and contemporary elements of industrial-type spaces. The look is characterized by a wide floor plan with open shelving and minimalistic color schemes, showcasing the beauty of concrete and exposed brick. One of the hallmarks of this style is the stark contrast between cool steel and warm wood that creates a sleek and streamlined aesthetic. Additionally, antique or repurposed elements are utilized to add a unique and personalized touch to the overall design. If you are looking to get the industrial farmhouse look for your space, here are a few key elements to consider.

    Creating Space with Open Shelving

    Open shelving is a staple of the industrial farmhouse look. It creates the illusion of space and adds a minimalist touch to any room. When deciding on open shelving, opt for sturdy and well-crafted wood or metal shelves, in either black or white. The beauty of open shelving extends beyond aesthetics. It is also practical for storage and allows you to showcase your favorite décor and accessories. When arranging items on open shelving, it is important to create balance so that the space does not appear cluttered. Additionally, consider incorporating some of the following suggestions into your open shelving:
    • Exposed dish or glassware
    • Old-fashioned kitchen utensils or coffee grinders
    • Antique books or globes

    Embracing Minimalism through Color

    Minimalism is another key element of the industrial farmhouse look. Rather than being cluttered or ornate, this style relies on simplicity and the beauty of raw materials, such as wood, metal, and concrete. The color scheme should be kept simple with whites, grays, and blacks. However, if you want to inject some color into your space, choose muted or pastel shades, such as pale pink or light blue.
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    The objective is to maintain the minimalist aesthetic, so avoid contrasting colors or patterns. Instead, find ways to add character to your space through the textures and materials that you choose.

    Incorporating Concrete and Exposed Brick

    Concrete and exposed brick walls are the defining features of the industrial farmhouse look. The textures and colors of these materials provide a stark, industrial contrast to the warmth of wood and other natural materials. To incorporate this into your design, consider exposing a brick wall or using a concrete flooring. However, if you don’t want to take such a bold step, you can incorporate concrete or brick through other elements, such as countertops, walls or fireplace surrounds .

    Balancing Cool Steel with Warm Wood

    One of the defining characteristics of industrial style is the use of cool metals, such as steel. Steel is used for lighting fixtures, furniture, and other decorative items. To balance the coolness of steel, it is common to use warm wood in design. Wooden furniture or accents can be used to soften the hard edges of metal collectibles, effectively creating a cohesive look. When you combine these two contrasting materials, you create an aesthetically pleasing effect that is understated and minimalistic.

    Utilizing Handmade, Repurposed, or Antique Elements

    The industrial farmhouse look is completed by utilizing handmade, antique, or repurposed elements. This creates a personalized and unique touch to the overall design and brings a sense of history and authenticity to your interior. To integrate these elements into your space, you can source vintage furniture, reclaimed accessories, and unique handmade pieces.
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    How to Achieve the Industrial Farmhouse Look in Any Space

    The industrial farmhouse look can be achieved in any space, regardless of its size, location, or design. Even if you are unsure about whether the look will suit your home, it is easy to give it a try. One of the easiest ways to accomplish the style is to begin by incorporating a few key pieces, such as using open shelving or choosing warm wooden furniture.

    Personalizing the Industrial Farmhouse Style to Suit Your Home and Taste

    Lastly, it is important to remember that the industrial farmhouse look can be personalized to suit your taste. As you develop your design, incorporate elements that speak to you and reflect the personality of your home. Whether you enjoy bold artwork, vintage lamps, or rustic wooden chairs, know that the industrial farmhouse look offers limitless possibilities to create a unique and distinctive home.

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