How do I find an aesthetic for my house? Inspiration and tips for creating your own style.

Finding an aesthetic for your house can be overwhelming. However, there are several ways you can achieve an aesthetic that suits your personality and style. One of the best ways to begin is with an interior design test. Some of the best interior design websites have free tests that help you determine what style suits you best. Once you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, you can continue to create your perfect aesthetic by doing the following:
  • Look around your home: Start by having a look around your home. Determine what pieces you like and what pieces you don’t like. From there, you can start to build your aesthetic by removing what you don’t want and adding what you do want.
  • Get inspired: Pinterest and Instagram can be great sources of inspiration. Save or screenshot images or rooms that you like and use them as a foundation for your aesthetic.
  • Repurpose items you already own: Before purchasing new items, look at what you already own. You might be able to repurpose an old dresser or turn a lamp into a new decoration piece for your home.
  • Go to an estate sale, garage sale, or second-hand store: You can find great items at thrift stores or estate sales. Keep an eye out for unique pieces that fit in with your aesthetic.
  • Concentrate on mixing, not matching: Don’t worry about everything matching perfectly. Concentrate on mixing different patterns, textures, and colors that complement each other.
  • Do a little DIY with your own pieces: Whether it’s adding a fresh coat of paint to an old item or making your own curtains, DIY projects can make a big difference in your home’s aesthetic.
  • Remember, creating an aesthetic for your house takes time. Be patient and have fun with the process!
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    Take an interior design test to determine your preferences

    Before diving into a home decor journey, it’s crucial to understand your personal style and taste. This is where taking an interior design test comes in handy. Such tests are available online and can help determine your preference in terms of color, pattern, texture, and even furniture style. Once you have a clear understanding of your style, it will be easier to make confident choices while decorating your home.

    Look around your home for inspiration

    Take a walk around your home and note down the elements that inspire you. It could be anything from a piece of artwork to a flower vase or a rug. The inspiration can come from anywhere, and it’s essential to pay attention to design details that catch your eye. If you are unsure where to start, begin with one room, and once you have a clear idea, move on to the next. Key point: Don’t overlook the potential of spaces that are often ignored, such as hallways, foyers, and corners. These areas can also be designed to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

    Get inspired by other homes and decor styles

    Browse magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and other decor blogs to find inspiration and get ideas for your home. Create a mood board or a folder on your phone to save images that inspire you. Don’t forget to take note of the elements that stand out to you, such as color schemes, furniture, lighting, and textures. Key point: Remember that while it’s great to take inspiration from various sources, your home should reflect your personal taste and style. Do not copy an entire design without adding your touch to it.
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    Repurpose items you already own for a new aesthetic

    You don’t always have to buy new items to create a new aesthetic in your home. Repurpose items you already own by painting them, using them in a new way, or updating them with new fabric. For example, an old wooden ladder can be turned into a bookshelf, or a pillowcase can be used to cover an old chair.
    • Paint old picture frames and mirrors to give them a new life.
    • Turn an old bench into a coffee table by adding a piece of glass on top.
    • Use old books as decorative pieces on a bookshelf or side table.

    Explore estate sales, garage sales, and second-hand stores for unique finds

    Frequenting estate sales, garage sales, and second-hand stores can lead to unique finds that add character to your home. Be open-minded and keep an eye out for items that you could incorporate into your home design. It’s essential to remember that not all pieces have to match. Key point: Before making a purchase, think about where the item will go and how it will fit with the rest of your decor. Investing in quality items that will last longer is always a better decision than purchasing cheaper alternatives that will have to be replaced regularly.

    Focus on mixing different decor styles and elements

    Mixing decor styles and elements create a visually interesting and dynamic space. Play with different textures, patterns, and colors while keeping in mind that too much of anything can be overwhelming. It’s essential to maintain a balance while mixing styles and to create cohesion within your spaces.
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    Key point: Don’t be afraid to add a statement piece that stands out and adds character to the room.

    Try some DIY projects to personalize your home decor

    DIY projects are a great way to add your personal touch to your home decor. Whether it’s creating a gallery wall or making your own curtains, DIY projects can save you money and be a fun activity to bond with friends or family. Consider using items that you already have to make something new and unique.
    • Create a gallery wall with your favorite photos and artwork.
    • Make your own curtains with fabric that matches your decor style.
    • Design your own artwork or prints to display in the room.

    Keep experimenting until you find the perfect aesthetic for your home

    Remember that finding the perfect aesthetic for your home is an ongoing journey. Be open-minded and willing to make changes as needed. Experiment with new elements and ideas while still maintaining your personal style. Always keep in mind that your home should be a reflection of you and your personality, and most importantly, it should be a comfortable and inviting space for you and your loved ones.

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