How to Achieve a French Country Look in Your Home

There are some easy and practical ways to make your house look French country without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to get you started:
  • Invest in antique furniture for an authentic look. French country homes are often adorned with antique pieces of furniture, such as a distressed wooden table, a vintage chaise lounge or a sturdy armoire. These pieces can be found at local thrift stores, estate sales or through online marketplaces.
  • Choose a light color scheme to brighten your space. French country style is all about light, airy spaces, so it’s important to pick a color scheme that reflects that feeling. Whites, creams, and light blues and greens will help make any room feel brighter and lighter
  • Add natural elements to create a rustic feel. French country style embraces natural materials like distressed wood, stone and copper. Incorporate these materials into your decor by adding woven baskets, terra cotta planters, and simple table linens.
  • Use decorative accessories like passementerie to give your space an extra touch of elegance. Tassels, fringes, and decorative trims can be used on pillows, curtains and lamp shades to add an ornate and luxurious feel to any room.
  • Opt for vintage and antique decor accents to give your home an authentic French country look and feel. Vintage copper pots, antique paintings, and old-fashioned linens can all add character and charm to any space.
  • Remember, creating a French country look is all about embracing the natural beauty of your home and incorporating simple, elegant touches that evoke a relaxed, rustic feel. By following these simple tips, your home will be transformed into a cozy, charming and welcoming French country oasis.

    How to Make Your Home Look French Country

    The French country style is a timeless and elegant look that can transform your home into a comfortable and welcoming haven. Incorporating different elements into your existing decor can be an easy way to achieve a charming French-inspired aesthetic that you’ll love. This article will provide you with tips on incorporating passementerie, highlighting natural beauty, emphasizing elegant furniture, creative tassel uses, the importance of decorative trim, and framing a classic French-style bed with a decorative trim.

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    Incorporating Passementerie for French Country Style

    One way to add French country style to any room is by incorporating passementerie, which refers to the decorative trims, tassels, fringes, and braids that can be added to drapery, pillows, and upholstery. Here are some tips for making your space more French-inspired:

    • Add tassels to curtain tiebacks or keychains to draw attention to intricate ironwork or other period elements in your space.
    • Consider adding a decorative trim to your drapery or bedding to add texture and depth to your space.
    • Try incorporating a braided or fringed throw pillow into your space to add visual interest to your seating area or bed.

    Highlighting Natural Beauty of an Old-Fashioned Home

    Old-fashioned homes provide the perfect backdrop for French country style decor. Here are some tips for highlighting the natural beauty and charm of your space:

    • Embrace the natural color palette of your home by incorporating soft muted colors such as cream, beige, and pastels.
    • Showcase the rustic elements of your space, such as exposed brick walls or worn wooden floors, by incorporating natural elements such as rattan or linen textiles.
    • Create a cozy atmosphere with soft, warm lighting and plush throws and pillows.
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    Emphasizing Elegant Furniture for French Country Look

    In a French country style home, furniture should be both elegant and comfortable. Here are some tips for incorporating French-inspired furniture into your space:

    • Invest in a classic French-inspired armchair or sofa with elegant curves and carved legs.
    • Look for furniture pieces that feature ornate details such as floral carvings or intricate embroidery.
    • Avoid harsh lines and angles, instead look for pieces with soft, rounded edges and curves.

    Creative Uses of Tassels for French Country Decor

    Tassels are an excellent way to add charm and visual interest to any space in your home. Here are some creative ways to incorporate tassels in a French country decor:

    • Add a tassel to your bedroom door to create a charming and welcoming entrance.
    • Use long tassels to tie back curtains or drapery, adding visual interest to the space.
    • Create a unique and stylish tray by attaching large tassels to the corners of a wooden or metal tray.

    The Importance of Decorative Trim for French Style

    Decorative trim is an essential element in achieving the French country look. Here are some tips for incorporating decorative trim into your space:

    • Highlight the edges of your window treatments by adding decorative trim to the sides of your curtains.
    • Choose bedding with decorative trim, adding texture and visual appeal to your bedroom.
    • Incorporate decorative trim on the edges of your dining tablecloth or table runners, adding a sense of elegance to the table setting.

    Framing a Classic French-Style Bed with Decorative Trim

    Your bed can be a focal point in your French country style bedroom. Here are some tips for framing your classic French-style bed with decorative trim:

    • Consider adding a decorative trim surrounding the edges of your bedspread. This creates a sense of elegance and complements the natural beauty of the wooden bed frame.
    • Use decorative pillows to add depth and texture to your French-inspired bed. Try adding a few pillows with embroidered detailing or tassels.
    • Choose a luxurious fabric, such as linen or silk, to complement the French-inspired bed frame. This enhances the overall style and comfort of your space.
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    By incorporating passementerie, emphasizing elegant furniture pieces, filling your space with natural elements, and using decorative trim creatively, you can achieve a beautiful French country style home. Give your home a stylish and timeless look with these tips and enjoy the warmth and comfort of this stunning aesthetic.

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