Do Plumbers Install Steam Showers? Tips for Your Home Spa

Yes, plumbers are the professionals you need to install a steam shower because they are responsible for installing all the necessary water connections. Here are a few bullet points to help you understand the role of plumbers in installing steam showers:
  • Plumbers are licensed and trained to install water connections.
  • A steam shower requires water supply lines to the generator for steam and a steam line for the shower.
  • Plumbers will connect the drain line to the generator to prevent any leakage and ensure that the steam shower functions correctly.
  • They also make sure that the steam system has appropriate drainage and ventilation to prevent any water damage or mold growth.
  • In summary, getting a professional plumber to install a steam shower is essential. Not only do they have the experience and knowledge required to maintain proper water connections, but they also know what safety measures to take to ensure your steam shower runs seamlessly.

    Understanding Steam Showers

    Steam showers are a luxurious and therapeutic addition to any home. They provide a spa-like experience by filling the designated space with steam at high temperatures to promote relaxation and relieve stress. Steam showers come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs. They are commonly found in master bathrooms, gyms, and spas.
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    Benefits of Installing a Steam Shower

    A steam shower offers multiple health benefits, including opening up the nasal passages, which can be helpful for individuals with allergies or sinus problems. The steam also helps to improve circulation and may lower blood pressure, offering a feeling of relaxation and a sense of well-being. Steam showers also help to reduce muscle soreness and joint stiffness. They offer an excellent way to wind down after a long day and get your body and mind prepared for a good night’s sleep.

    Who can Install a Steam Shower?

    A steam shower installation requires a professional to connect the water supply and steam lines, connect the drain line, and inspect the electrical connections. It is not recommended for homeowners to attempt the installation themselves unless they have experience in plumbing, electrical, and construction.

    Why Hire a Licensed Plumber for Steam Shower Installation

    While homeowners may be tempted to save money by attempting a steam shower installation themselves, the truth is that it is a complex process that requires professional knowledge and skills. A licensed plumber can guarantee that the installation meets the local building codes, which can have implications should the home be sold in the future. Additionally, a licensed plumber can help homeowners determine the right size and model of steam shower for their specific needs.

    What Is Involved in the Installation Process of a Steam Shower

    Steam shower installation involves several essential steps, including:
    • Measuring the designated steam shower space to determine the right model and size.
    • Determining the water supply line location and installing it in the appropriate place.
    • Connecting the steam generator to the water supply line and steamer line.
    • Installing the steamhead in the designated space.
    • Connecting the drain line to the steam generator.
    • Ensuring electrical supply is properly connected to the steam generator.
    • Testing the steam shower unit to verify proper operation.
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    A licensed plumber should perform these steps to ensure that the steam shower functions correctly and is safe to use.

    Steam Shower Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

    After steam shower installation is complete, regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure the unit lasts and functions efficiently. Here are a few tips to help keep the steam shower in top condition:
    • Wipe the surfaces with a squeegee after each use to prevent mold growth and mineral buildup.
    • Clean the surfaces with a non-abrasive cleaner periodically.
    • Regularly clean the steam generator with a recommended descaler.
    • Replace the water filter periodically to ensure the proper flow of water.
    By following these maintenance tips, homeowners can ensure that their steam shower stays in excellent condition and provides them with years of relaxation. In conclusion, installing a steam shower can be a significant upgrade to any home, providing a luxurious and therapeutic experience. While it may be tempting to attempt installation without professional help, a licensed plumber should handle the installation to guarantee proper function, safety, and in adherence to local building codes. Homeowners can enjoy their steam shower for years to come by following a regular cleaning and maintenance routine.

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