Can I Update Cabinets with New Doors?

Yes, you can put new cabinet doors on old cabinets! In fact, it’s a great way to give your kitchen a fresh and modern look without breaking the bank. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering replacing just your cabinet doors:

  • Make sure your existing cabinets are in good shape. If your cabinets are old and worn out, replacing just the doors might not be the best idea. Make sure the cabinets themselves are still sturdy and functional.
  • Measure carefully. Before you order your new doors, be sure to measure your existing cabinets carefully to ensure a perfect fit. Even minor differences in size can cause problems when you try to install the new doors.
  • Consider the style of your new doors. When choosing new cabinet doors, think about the overall style of your kitchen. You want the new doors to complement your existing decor rather than clash with it.
  • Don’t forget about hardware. If you’re replacing your cabinet doors, you might want to update your hardware as well. New knobs and pulls can have a big impact on the overall look of your cabinets.
  • Overall, replacing your cabinet doors is an affordable and relatively easy way to update the look of your kitchen. With a little bit of planning and some careful measuring, you can have a brand-new look in no time!

    Benefits of replacing cabinet doors

    Cabinet doors serve not only as functional pieces but also highlights the aesthetic of your kitchen. Over time, the color and design may fade, causing the whole cabinet to look outdated. However, replacements can be costly. By changing only the cabinet doors, you can have an updated look without having to spend too much. This is a straightforward and practical way of giving your kitchen a facelift.

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    Aesthetically, any good cabinet door replacement can go long in upgrading your residence’s general appearance. It not only makes better kitchen operations but also enhances functionality and organization. Furthermore, new cabinet doors come with modern features that take into account the latest design and functionality trends. By installing the latest cabinets, you will not only increase the home’s value but also provide an opportunity for creating a kitchen of your dreams.

    Assessing the condition of old cabinets

    Before installing new cabinet doors, it’s essential to examine the old ones. The internal framework and shelves must be in an acceptable condition. Significant physical damage, such as water or fire damage, might require complete replacement. Check for any dents, scratches or wear and tear on the frames. Ensure that the hinges and handles are functioning correctly because new doors may warrant new handles or hinges to fit correctly. Ensure that they have no stress fractures or fitting deformations.

    If the interior of the frame is still in good condition, then fitting new cabinet doors will renew them inexpensively.

    Choosing the right cabinet doors

    The cabinet door is the face of the counter. Choosing the right door is vital to achieving the desired look and the correct match to the frame. With that being said, the doors should be chosen with essential consideration for cost, design, materials, and functionality.

    There are different door styles that will fit different frames. Choose comparable styles that will match or complement your existing cabinet style. A raised-panel door will look more appropriate on a classic cabinet design, whereas a flat veneer will add modernity when set in a more streamlined cabinetry style.

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    For materials, consider durability, beauty, and easiness for maintenance. The most common materials used are real wood, MDF, and particleboard laminates. Real wood is expensive but offers natural beauty, high quality, and durability. MDF is cheaper but equally durable and easy to construct. Particleboard laminates are a cheaper mid-range option.

    How to measure for new cabinet doors

    Before ordering the cabinet doors online or purchasing them from the store, you must take accurate measurements. Here are the steps to follow:

    Step 1. Measure all old doors accurately, including existing hardware.
    Step 2. Add at least an inch on the height and width measurements to leave an overlap for any adjustments.
    Step 3. Using masking tape, cover the outside of the old frames, then trace over the frames to determine the necessary molding thickness
    Step 4. With the masking tape still in place, take a closer side-view measurement to get the exact thickness of the edge.
    Step 5. Record all the dimensions and thickness measurements after confirming they are correct.

    Tools and materials needed for the replacement

    Below are the materials and tools you will require to replace your cabinet doors successfully:

    – Cabinet doors
    – Hinges
    – Handles or knobs
    – Screwdriver
    – Clamps
    – Screws

    – Measuring Tape
    – Saw
    – Drill
    – Jigsaw
    – Sander
    – Carpenter’s Square
    – Sandpaper

    Steps to follow when replacing cabinet doors

    Below is a step-by-step process on how to replace cabinet doors:

    Step 1: Begin by removing all existing doors and hardware to expose the cabinet frames.
    Step 2: Measure the frame sizes to figure out the correct door dimensions to fit frame dimensions.
    Step 3: Drill your hinge holes onto the cabinet and door by using a jig. Install your hinges by screwing them into the cabinet frame and the drill holes on the new doors.
    Step 4: Attach your knobs and handles to the new doors before putting them back on the cabinets.
    Step 5: After fitting all doors, check for proper alignment using a carpenter’s square and clamps, ensuring everything is level, aligned, and straight.
    Step 6: Once you are satisfied that the door is straight and level, fix all the screws and straps in place.

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    Maintenance and care tips for new cabinet doors

    New cabinet doors, like any other kitchen feature, require routine maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking new. Below are some maintenance and care tips that you should consider:
    – Regularly dust and wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge.
    – Avoid abrasive, harsh soaps or chemicals.
    – Handle pet scratches or spillages on wood cabinets with stain or touch-ups.
    – Clean surfaces with mild detergent and leave to air dry promptly.

    In conclusion, changing the cabinet doors provides an inexpensive and straightforward means of updating kitchen decor. And the whole procedure does not require much expertise or time, except for when you are shopping for the doors. With the steps provided above, replaced cabinet doors will add value, aesthetic appeal, and function to your home’s kitchen.

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